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The Endangered Instruments Program (EIP) was founded in 1990 as an in school program encouraging music students to learn less commonly played instruments. EIP has evolved into SYSO-in-the-Schools, a comprehensive program that reinforces public school music education programs. SYSO-in-the-Schools currently works with over 16 public schools and more than 200 students. Programs modeled after SYSO-in-the-Schools have been started in New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Vancouver BC and Australia.

EIP provides school music departments with weekly free group instrumental lessons for students in the early stages of learning on the following instruments:

• Viola
• String bass
• Oboe
• Bassoon
• French Horn
• Trombone
• Tuba

The program supports school instrumental music teachers by providing highly trained teaching specialists on less-commonly played instruments, thus increasing the size, diversity and quality of school band and orchestra programs.

Lessons occur during school, generally as a component of regularly scheduled school band and orchestra rehearsals. Students work with EIP coaches on beginning instrumental technique and school band/orchestra material. Endangered Instrument Program students
are invited to join SYSO orchestras from time-to-time in special EIP side-by-side rehearsal “open houses” held periodically throughout the year. Coaches assist students and school music teachers with securing instrumental methods and locating, selecting and maintaining musical instruments.

Endangered Instrument Programs have been successfully implemented in the following schools and districts:

• Canyon Park Junior High School (Northshore)
• College Place Middle School (Edmonds)
• Eckstein Middle School (Seattle)
• Einstein Middle School (Shoreline)
• Finn Hill Junior High School (Lake Washington)
• Jaunita Elementary School (Lake Washington)
• Jaunita High School (Lake Washington)
• Kamiakin Junior High School (Lake Washington)
• Kellogg Middle School (Shoreline)
• Kenmore Junior High School (Northshore)
• Leota Junior High School (Northshore)
• Meany Middle School (Seattle)
• Room 9 School (Shoreline)
• Thoreau Elementary School (Lake Washington)
• Washington Middle School (Seattle)
• Whitman Middle School (Seattle)


Endangered Instrument Program coaches are drawn from the most highly qualified professional musicians in the Seattle region. Many perform with the Seattle Symphony, the Seattle Opera and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. In addition to demonstrated instrumental mastery and musicianship, EIP coaches are selected for their experience and dedication to teaching, and their commitment to educational excellence.


The Endangered Instrument Program is administered by the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, the largest youth orchestra program in America. The organization supports four full symphony orchestras, the Marrowstone Music Festival, Marrowstone in the City and a variety of partnership programs with public school music departments. The Seattle Youth Symphony provides the organizational structure for the Endangered Instrument Program, handling all aspects related to scheduling, payroll, teacher selection and training, and program fulfillment.


Educational services provided by the Endangered Instrument Program are funded by the Seattle Youth Symphony through generous contributions from individuals, foundations and government agencies. Funders include the Paul G. Allen Foundation, the Music Lives Foundation and the Charlotte Martin Foundation.

For more information about the Seattle Youth Symphony’s Endangered Instrument Program and to enroll your school in EIP please contact:

Scott Teske, EIP Coordinator
(206) 362-2300

Stephen Radcliffe, Music Director
(206) 362-2300