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Missing Alumni

Missing Alumni

SYSO has been around for over 70 years and it can be difficult keeping up with alumni over such a long span of time. A big part of our story, however, is what takes place in students’ lives after they leave us. We are always eager to get back in touch with former students to see, what kind of impact (if any, of course,) SYSO had on your lives.

If you took part in one or more of SYSO’s Academic Year Orchestras, received Endangered Instruments Program instruction in your school, or attended a Marrowstone summer program and are not currently in touch with us please, fill out the form on the Join page. If you know another SYSO alumnus/alumna who hasn’t kept in touch with us, please encourage them to do the same. We want to know what has been happening with you and, in turn, we’ll let you know what is going on here at SYSO.

If you have questions about the SYSO alumni program, contact:

Dan Schmitt
SYSO Associate Director of Development