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2015-2016 Orchestra Auditions

The audition fee is $35, due at the time of your audition. We accept cash or checks only. Please make checks payable to SYSO. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards at this time.

Audition Forms

Start the audition process by reading, printing and filling out the following four (4) forms.

Student Application Tuition Agreement Photo Release Liability Release

Audition Dates & Times

Beginning July 16, 2015, call the SYSO office at (206) 362-2300 for an audition appointment. All auditions take place at Shorecrest High School.

Monday, August 24 Double Bass
All Brass
9:00 AM
1:00 PM
Tuesday, August 25 Clarinet
9:00 AM
2:00 PM
Wednesday, August 26 All Bassoon and Oboe
9:00 AM
Thursday, August 27 Viola
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
2:00 PM
Friday, August 28 Violin

10:00 AM

Saturday, August 29 Violin 10:00 AM
Sunday, August 30 Cello 10:00 AM


  • All returning SYSO students must submit the completed SYSO Audition Packet to the SYSO office no later than June 30th. (The SYSO Audition Packet will be available at all rehearsals starting February 21st and will be available on the website by March 1st)
  • You should send in the completed forms to the SYSO office prior to making the actual audition appointment. Please do not send any money, send only the forms. You will pay the audition fee on the day of your audition.
  • Submitting this packet in no way commits you to participating, it just allows the SYSO office to prepare for the actual auditions.
  • We will begin taking audition calls on Thursday, July 16th.
  • Please note we fill all appointments in TIME ORDER. That means if you call on July 16th you will get one of the first appointments. We do not assign random time slots. If you want an appointment later in the day, then please call later in the scheduling process.
  • Audition Preparation Guidelines

    Click here to download the full audition preparation help sheet. 

    All students should prepare the following for their auditions:

    1. One major and one minor scale of your choice.

    Two or three octaves according to ability. 

    Woodwinds and brass
    One or two octaves according to ability.


    Applicants must audition on the pedal harp and be prepared to play an excerpt from a solo work. Applicants must supply their own harp.

    2.  Excerpts from a solo composition* no more than 2 minutes in length, no accompaniment, memorizing not required. Choose excerpts that best show your technical and musical abilities.

    *For Percussion Only: Be prepared to demonstrate several rudiments plus, prepare a 1-minute piece from each of the following: solo on a mallet piece (i.e. xylophone and/or marimba); solo on timpani; solo on snare.

    *For returning JSO Violin I students and returning YSO Violin 2 students please click here for special audition requirements.

    3.  Sight-reading appropriate to your level will be required.

    4. The following are some of the categories you will be judged on as appropriate:

    • Note accuracy
    • Rhythm
    • Intonation
    • Tone
    • Articulations/bowing
    • Tonguing
    • Musicianship/style


Marrowstone Music Festival
is the largest and most comprehensive summer orchestra training program for young musicians in the Pacific Northwest.

Click here for more information

is designed to provide excellent musical instruction and orchestral training in the summer for the younger musician, aged 7-14.

Click here for more information